Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Eagle The Dream and The Heir

This post is both a shout out and a shameless self-promotion. Firstly, epic props to my gal-pals Purple Rhinestone Eagle, a heavy psychedelic rock outfit with whom I have been lucky enough to tour throughout most of the country. Incidentally I also designed the sleeve inserts for their full-length and EP. If you read this blog and you know of design work needing to be done for albums, etc. then email me- this is something I am trying to do a lot of! Anyways, the Eagle and I, along with the three beautiful brooklynites known as Bad Dream, will be escaping the gloom and reality of Portland for a brief jaunt down to sunny California. We begin this very evening and schedules are posted on the girl's website. Along the way I will be bringing some preliminary tape cassette versions of the NIGHT HEIR album I made recentlyish. I will be pedaling and/or tossing them about like seeds. This is a small "experimental" run. If all goes well I intend to make a larger, better made amount and somehow make them more widely available. If anyone out there even knows what the hell I'm talking about them come out to see P.R.E. and get one of my tapes as well. If you don't know what the hell I'm talking about then please do visit me

Please and thank you!

Also, seriously, BAD DREAM are fucking stellar. Good musicians with good hearts. Check them out and if you can you should get their 7 inch. It slays big time.

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