Friday, August 30, 2013

God's View

A storm above southern California photographed by astronaut Karen Nyberg.

Kowloon revisited.

Here is a neat informational dissection schematic of a typical Kowloon residence.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Alexey Titarenko: City Of Shadows

From Russian photographer Alexey Titarenko's series City Of Shadows.
These gauzy time lapse photos of the swarming human mass really creep me out.

Michael Wolf: NIGHT

Among other things, Michael Wolf has taken a lot of architectural photography of the insanity that is Hong Kong. I love the way he allows buildings to completely fill the frame in an all-over-everywhere mosaic. These images are all from his series Night, which I particularly like.

Grimm's Mond

A German science-based photographer with the awesome name of Julius Grimm made this painting of the Moon in 1888. He took all of his lunar photos, mapped them together and eliminated the shadows to create an impressively accurate portrait. It's a large image so zoom in.
Grimm became famous for his Atlas der Astrophysik, published in 1881.

Source: EON.

TSUNAMI Japan 2011

Here is some really striking hand-held real time footage of the tsunami that struck Japan a couple years back. This video hadn't been seen by western eyes until recently having been published by Leakedchannel, though I found it here first.

It is about twenty five minutes and I recommend patiently watching all of it. At the beginning it looks like any other stormy day. By the end it looks like THE END.

Incidentally, the power plants that went down during this disaster have apparently been continuously spilling radiated water into the Pacific ever since.