Thursday, November 29, 2012

Geologische Vondst II

THE IDIOTS is a collaboration between Floris Bakker and Afke Goldsteijn, who work together to create unorthodox taxidermy. They combine elements of real animals with various other textures, materials and objects. The rest can be seen here at their site.
It's all pretty amusing, for my part I was distinctly smitten with the above: GEOLOGISCHE VONDST II, where they fit gemstones into a lion.

The Hidden Mother





In years past, back when the camera was still young and demanding and children were right to be terrified of submitting to it's remorseless eye, there existed a curious practice known as hidden mother photography. Wriggling hapless brats, meant to have been captured in solitary dignity, were calmed by the "unseen" presence of their veiled mothers. These tricky mothers attempted to become ambient background space through diversion, camouflage or disappearance. It's anyone's guess how this even worked in considering how it often transformed the mother figure into a sort of cloaked wraith. Sometimes cats even showed up during these troubled times.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


I have digitally released an album entitled Devotionals under the moniker NOVUM.
This is a new musickal project in the ambient/drone/avant-garde vein.
To listen to it and/or download it for free you may visit the bandcamp.
Thank you for listening.

Bette Burgoyne

The beautiful shimmering work of Bette Burgoyne, who draws on black paper with white pencil. This basic "reversed" approach predicates a great many levels of depth that seem to billow like smoke from an absolute darkness. The textures appear to me like a confluence of many different steams and tissues. Mainly informed by the natural world, Burgoyne has said she intends to reveal a spectacle of wood, water, light & atmosphere.
These images borrowed graciously from her site. Look, also, to her blog.

Below is a small section of my favorite work Scroll, which is a continuous 10 foot drawing, followed by an excellent, cinematic video documentation.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Joaquim Pla Janini

 Spanish photographer about whom I know little.
The triptych is The Parcae
and the figure in the boat, reminiscent of Böcklin, is The Hour Of The Ghost
Look here and here.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Siq Roids by A.S.P.

These blackened roids are only SVM of the recent creative excretions of one of my favorite people in the whole weird world.
You may visit her previously worshipped tumblr, but beware- ye may not like it if ye aren't miserable.