Saturday, February 6, 2010

Fuckin' A!

THATS what Im talking about!

Grizzly Bear Chair

Made from two bears by Seth Kinman and then presented to President Andrew Johnson!

thanks to Monster Brains

Time for Church!

God is Good

Walton Ford

Kate Macdowell

Dan Estabrook

Frederik Ruysch 1638-1731

Frederik Ruysch was a dutch botanist/anatomist, most famous for his secret and very effective methods of preserving body parts (using his special concoction Liquor Balsamicum) and also for arranging strange physiological dioramas. These were little set ups composed of body parts and skeletons and dressed with flowers and lace by his daughter Rachel who was a painter in her own right. Some of these arrangements were then engraved by the artist Cornelius Huyberts. (See the top two images) Third down is The Anatomy Lesson of Frederik Ruysch by Jan Van Neck.