Thursday, December 20, 2012

The many frightful faces of Attila Csihar

Hungarian Attila Csihar has been the front madman for a number of extreme musickal acts over the years, from Tormentor to Mayhem to SUNN O))) to Void Ov Voices. Over time his costuming has become the stuff of legend, changing and augmenting as unpredictably and as jarringly as his demented voice. Often even fans themselves are bewildered and affronted by these disguises. There are plenty of stories of angry fans pissed off that Attila would dare perform Mayhem's live vocals while wearing an Easter Bunny outfit. Usually though people don't know what the hell he is wearing. He creates all of these himself, employing a number of different methods and materials and generally ending up with confusing and other worldly results. It's the confusion of these costumes that I like the most.

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