Saturday, May 19, 2012


I just finished reading this wonderful book. It is a collection of articles republished from Chad Hensley's ESOTERRA zine. The zine ran for 9 official issues spanning nearly a decade. During that time, a wealth of articles, essays and interviews were accumulated on extreme culture areas centered generally in music, art, the occult and mega-weirdos. Kind of like a more "pop" culture take on Adam Parfrey's Apocalypse Culture, if you will. As happens, these original issues have basically vanished as far as the public at large is concerned. (Which is incidentally inevitable, the public at large will not be interested in this book) But for the rest of us it is exciting that Hensley finally curated a modest collection of material from the magazine for this Creation Books publication.
Personalities included are:
Marilyn Manson
Charles Nemo
Adam Parfrey
Carl Abrahamsson
Peter Whitehead
RF Paul
Leilah Wendell
Alan Moore
Sunn O)))
Dr. Scovil and Dr. Chapman
Psychic TV / Genesis P-Orridge
Andrew Chumbley
Joe Coleman
Markus Wolff
Iain Banks
Strength Thru Joy
Harry O Morris
Thomas Ligotti
Current 93
Trevor Brown
Women of Sodom
Master / Slave Relationship
Mother Destruction
H R Giger
Boyd Rice
Atrax Morgue
Iain Sinclair
The PROCESS Church of the Final Judgement
RN Taylor
Michael Moynihan
John Coulthart
JV Sanders
Der Blutharsh
Brighter Death Now
Daniel Shulke