Thursday, March 15, 2012

2 works by J.F.C. Fuller

1st Order
Building of the Pyramid

2nd Order
Knowledge and Conversation

An odd duck, J.F.C. Fuller was a British military strategist during World War I, an ironic major tactical influence on the Nazi's during World War II, and an occultist who chowed down with Aleister Crowley for a time as a prominent member of the A.A..
J.F.C. Fuller invented "artificial moonlight"- the use of searchlights to create night time ambiance toward the continuation of warfare, He more or less invented the Blitzkrieg, He was an honored guest at Hitler's 50th, He laid down the Nine Principles of War-still in use today by generals and businessmen alike, he authored several books on military history and he also wrote books on Yoga and the Qabalah.
He ALSO made these two incredible paintings. His fine art has been barely preserved, if at all, and was generally only seen in connection with the A.A. and Crowley's Equinox, which Fuller was involved in before he eventually had the inevitable fall out that most seemed to have sooner or later with The Great Beast.
I wonder just how much of an illustrator he was in general and whether the bulk of his musings still exist at all.

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  1. Definitely interested in the same question! Got some friends curious, too, so hopefully we'll find some substance soon. I will keep you posted.