Thursday, December 22, 2011


Holy shit do I have a treat for you guys today...

They are gateways. Entrances to a realm as mysterious and fascinating as it is frightening. Countless tales have been told of the hosts of these passageways; countless more of those who have passed beyond. But little attention has been paid to the gateways themselves; the openings through which all become equal.

The time has come for that to change. For the gateways to be recognized; their beauty and their terror to be captured. Frozen in that moment of glory beyond which there is no return.

Welcome now to the realm of...

The Gaping Maws

The creator of WWW.GAPINGMAWS.COM insists:

"It is my goal to have the most complete collection of gaping animal maws that anyone can have"

Now, That is an attitude that fills me with merriment!
Yes, there are tons more like this.


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