Friday, February 11, 2011

Xela Trilogy

J. Twells (aka XELA) , a brit by way of Malden, Mass as I understand, has been putting out some pretty stellar ambient/drone/noise/metal material for a while now. He has conjured up cultish, esoteric musings before but this very ecclesiastical religious cassette trilogy is really formidable! In order from top to bottom we have The Illuminated, The Divine, The Sublime. In turn, these installments evoke death, transition & rebirth. Drone addicts like me will get a thorough fix but don't dismiss this if you are afraid of noise. It's quite varied and much of this material is really gorgeous, moody atmosphere laden with field recordings of church bells, chants & prayers. While it's also true that the second side of The Illuminated (the fittingly death-related volume) is really some of the scariest music I've ever heard.
The tapes were super limited as always and sold out right away, I believe. At any rate, Dekorder is re-issuing all of it in vinyl format with alternate artwork. Also, you can visit S4D for a digital download. Included there also is Heirs Of The Fire, very excellent as well. Either way, if, after evaluating it, you decide you love it then support this man! This stuff is highly recommended!

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