Wednesday, July 31, 2013

NIGHT HEIR - A Maze Of Evenings

Finally the new Night Heir album has been released online!
It is called A Maze Of Evenings and it took a whole lot of work. It is also the main culprit as to why THIS blog has had to slow down over the past couple years.
And you can listen to / download the whole mess for free or donation if you like HERE at the bandcamp site.
Thanks a million, folks.
Lexicon posts to resume.

Saturday, July 6, 2013



Get em while they're hot, ladies.

Hara Kiri: Stupid and Evil Magazine

Some covers from the absurdist (and completely awesome looking) French periodical Hara Kiri: Journal Bete et Mechant.
The French government tried to have it banned in 1960, again in 1966, and then succeeded in 1970.
Vive La France!

Zoroastrian Towers of Silence

Zoroaster was a Persian prophet and founder of the ancient Iranian religion baring his namesake. There are huge amounts of things to say about him and the lineage of his teachings, which have found traces of their influence winding all the way down into modern disparate practices. But that's another story. In general, Zoroastrianism has it that good agencies and bad agencies or rigorously defined and incompatible. For example, the Zoroastrians believe that anything dead, from bodies to nail clippings, are Nasu: contaminated, unclean and entry points for evil. They cannot be put into the ground as they will infect the earth and they cannot be burned as fire is a pure element. The practice then became to build large circular structures with their openings perpetually exposed to the sun and birds. These are known as a Dakhma (or for us english speakers a Tower of Silence.) The design consists classically of open air concentric circles; corpses of men would be tossed into the outer most rings, the women in the middle areas, and the children into the center. After however long it took to get all the way down to bone, groups of the specifically ordained could enter the Dakhma to collect the leavings and dissolve them in lime baths before eventually sending them down filters and water routes out to the sea.

R.I.P. Ray Harryhausen

Yes, I'm a little late on this one, but the Master deserves his due.
June 1920 - May 2013

Walpurgisnacht by Amadeus

Please click to see the larger, detailed image.
Fantastic, mysterious drawing signed simply: Amadeus 

Friday, July 5, 2013

The Tunguska Event

On June 30th of 1908 there was a gargantuan explosion above the Podkamennaya Tunguska river in Siberia. Either an asteroid or a comet entered the atmosphere and exploded in mid-air no less than 3 miles above the ground. Nevertheless, the event is considered an "impact" in the scientific field given the amount of physical force inherent in the aftermath and is, in fact, the single largest impact event in known history. The speculated energy attributed to the event varies but generally falls between 10-15 megatons, which is a great many times more than what was done to Hiroshima. Of all the places on the Earth, this explosion took place over the vast Russian hinterlands, populated primarily by trees. 80 million of those trees were stripped like telephone poles and knocked flat in huge arcs pointing away from the blast over an area of some 830 square miles. For the next few nights, the night skies were aglow over all of Europe and Asia. 
Insanely, scientific study of the event was minimal until nearly a decade later. To be fair, this must have had much to do with the isolation and difficulties of the area, not to mention the extreme possibility of destroyed or lost research during the many turbulent years ahead for Russia. Consider also that the epicenter could only be reached by traversing hundreds of miles of tree fall. Still, since the event there have been around 1'000 related reports written and they continue to the present day. The absence of any crater is of course the chief mystery here (though many believe that Lake Cheko in the region is possibly a crater formed by just a small chunk of whatever it was that burst.) The second big question mark is to whether or not this was an asteroid (most believed), a comet, or an alien death-tunnel (least believed.) Some even think it may have been a black hole flying though the earth or tectonic-based, However, this does not account for the tiny spheres of nickel and iron that were found in disproportionate abundance in the area, lending much credence to the meteoroid theory. 

Clearly, even taking Siberia's sparse population into account, a huge number of persons must have witnessed this event. But very few of these people told their story to anyone who wrote them down and compiled them. The details we have been able to sweep together since then tell us that some kind of inestimably bright light source suddenly appeared in the sky "like a second sun." The size, color and shape of this light vary, though many described it like a column or pillar. Following the explosion of light were literal explosions of force that came in at least three distinct "thumps." Coupled by the tremendous knocking sounds of giant stones falling, thunder claps or sound-barrier breaks. The wind and heat produced by these thumps scorched, stripped and knocked down trees, resulting in a further sound like heavy artillery fire. Millions of limbs and trunks all snapping at once. The air became unbearably hot, windows shattered and people ran screaming as if from the end times. Many people left their homes and belongings after the event and went to monasteries and holy shrines to fast and pray for forgiveness. Natives in the area had their own Gods to worry about during the event too, believing it to be the angry work of OGDY. Further, when the first expedition set out to find the epicenter of the blast, the native guides who led them there refused to enter the actual blast sight, saying they feared the "valleymen."
A similar explosion, though on a much much smaller scale also happened above Russia just earlier this year, killing many and receiving wide media coverage.