Monday, July 2, 2012


My apologies to those few, beautiful weirdos out there who are actually followers of the Lexicon...I've been neglecting the site lately because I've been happily hard at work on the new, second NIGHT HEIR record, which is a huge, huge excitement, so bare with me...High weirdness to resume, I assure you...

Richard Oelze

Eugene Grasset

Gorgeous floral eye candy by Eugene Grasset, thanks to the always wonderful, plunderable GOLDEN AGE.

Christian Lemmerz

The work of Christian Lemmerz, which is by turns elegant, challenging, frightening and sensational. Delivered formidably well through a wide avenue of different mediums and messages.
I'm not going to attempt to explain any of it. But I love all of it.
ALL of this imagery was lifted directly from his site where you must visit to see and learn more. Also, this explains the odd cropping of the imagery.

Leonidas Kryvošej

Selected work from leonidas kryvošej
I was tipped off, once again, by the absolutely lovely Dolorosa.